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2022 Blockchain blockbuster news,The MBUS Swap aggregation trading platform, led by First Block Capital of Canada, is about to set sail


According to the official report: jointly launched by MBUS Lab, Canadian First Block Capital (FBC), BLOCKCHAIN CAPITAL Blockchain Capital and many investment institutions, and 10,000 global founders to jointly build the MBUS Swap trading platform will be shocked in July, please look forward to it!


MBUS Swap is the world's first decentralized aggregation trading platform

MBUS Swap is founded by MBUS Lab and Canadian First Block Capital (hereinafter referred to as FBC), BLOCKCHAIN CAPITAL block chain capital jointly launched many investment institutions, built on the BSC based on Web3.0 core technology, chain technology, social encryption social, encryption wallet, cryptocurrency transactions, NFT casting and trading, the universe ecology, block chain games and DAO community autonomy in a decentralized integrated aggregation trading platform.

MBUS Swap helps the two parties to exchange their own digital assets. Meanwhile, users can realize asset transfer between multiple chains on BSC, Tron and other chains, providing users with multi-chain asset exchange requirements.It will serve most of the global users who support digital asset trading, aiming to help people with a secure, reliable, and decentralized exchange of digital assets.At the same time, MBUS Swap will use blockchain encryption technology, and based on DAO sharing, a series of key Web 3.0 functions into practical applications, and is committed to build the world's leading decentralized aggregation trading platform.


MBUS Swap backed by the king level platform, overseas capital strength capital injection

In the fourth quarter of 2021, after the MBUS Swap core team conducted brainstorming and feasibility studies, the MBUS Swap core team raised public funds, providing capital boost and capital, technology, market, and resources from A16Z, True Ventures, Galaxy Digital, Draper Associates, BlockVC, Redpoint Ventures and The Carlyle Group.

MBUS Swap Technology R & D Partner


MBUS Swap's world-leading decentralized exchange has four highlights

Full smart contract operation

The MBUS Swap trading ecosystem is open and transparent, and cannot be tampered with. All trading rules and charging rules can be recorded on smart contracts.

On-chain governance, rules entirely controlled by communities

On-chain governance is decentralized decision implementation through smart contracts, and participants' voting results will be directly reflectedSound smart contract, is not affected by any subject.The purpose of executing voting is to approve or deny changes to the status of the system.Each type of voting is managed by smart contracts, and proposal contracts are programmatically written into one or more effective governance behaviors, with any Etherum address deployed.The token holder decides whether to implement the proposal by voting, and the proposal procedure is automatically executed after the vote.

 Underchain governance, the checks and balances of power realized through tools

Under-chain governance refers to the offline governance and result implementation of the community, generally used through various tools, to realize the rights checks and balances of the community and the development team

Global consensus is high

As a fully decentralized trading system, MBUS Swap will serve most of the global users who support digital asset trading in the future, and quickly promote it in various major communities, so that more users can enjoy the dividend of MSS development.Let MBUS Swap ecological players through commission dividends, add flow pool dividends, pledge mining incentives, multiple high quality token value let users get multiple income and high consensus, at the same time late MBUS Swap will also online lending, NFT asset trading ecological elements, actively pioneer future digital assets trading platform, innovation driven, cross-border fusion, MBUS Swap to build a digital ecology with you.


Three major advantages of MBUS Swap

Platform advantages:MBUS Swap as a decentralized ecosystem, completely supported by transparent decentralized system its management architecture, the system of all decisions are based on the holder's referendum decision, all technology updates by the public technology community, this completely decentralized management system will avoid the disadvantages of traditional centralized management, for centralized management, specialization, tamper with data and alone decision-making group to provides excellent solutions.

market superiority:As a decentralized trading ecosystem, MBUS Swap is equipped with different functions and technologies, and users can freely manage funds and effectively manage funds to a certain extent.At the same time, the platform has a high-performance and low-cost management system, which enables users to greatly reduce unnecessary expenses. Through an open digital economy ecology, liquidity is continuously provided, so that the platform and users can form an efficient self-circulation, and form a good asset transparent, efficient and stable ecosystem.

ecological dominancy:MBUS Swap uses the smart contract to run, which is completely decentralized. All the behaviors of the platform are carried out through the smart contract chain, without a middleman, realizing the on-chain transactions, and being more secure.


MBUS Swap builds the world's leading decentralized aggregation trading platform, aims to become the leader in the next generation of web3.0 aggregation track, and plays a crucial role in the Internet path from Web 2.0 to Web 3.0.In the future, in the comprehensive development of diversified ecology at the same time, MBUS Swap will traction MSS DAO open global creation community fission plan, continue in DApp ecology, cross-chain technology, landing application, compliance development, enterprise cooperation, community expansion, and for global users to create more innovative applications, make encryption aggregation ecological more rich and interesting, promote the sustainable development strategy, continue to expand the global landscape.

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