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Zhonghaida Surveying and Mapping Instruments


Shape surveying, static surveying, dynamic surveying, power line surveying, water conservancy engineering control surveying, road design and stakeout, etc., terminal GNSS receiver, support satellite station differential, built-in 4G full Netcom communication and multi-protocol radio, allowing users to be fast and efficient , Safe measurement, help to quickly improve the measurement efficiency. Function application: OTG function, NFC IGRS, WebUI interaction, U disk firmware upgrade, intelligent base station, intelligent voice, function self-check, intelligent CORS, AR measurement, AR stakeout, message push, online upgrade, remote control, device management, location Service, Collaboration, Data Analysis

Lightweight and compact/fast measurement
A new generation of Zhonghaida
With the concept of lightness and compactness, the operation becomes easier and the measurement efficiency is quickly improved
Full constellation, full frequency band, fast fixed
Support Beidou-3 satellite signal
Search + solve satellites up to 50+
More sensitive signal reception, strong adaptive anti-interference
Support single Beidou solution
The new inertial navigation system can be measured with a shake
Quick initialization in 8 seconds, stable and not easy to exit
High frequency without delay, point and measure

Sichuan Tuotu Weiye Surveying and Mapping Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech company specializing in the sales, maintenance and technical guidance of surveying and mapping instruments. "Integrity, focus, innovation, development" is our business philosophy and service tenet.
Sichuan Tuotu Weiye Surveying and Mapping Technology Co., Ltd. specializes in the sales of measuring instruments and software. The company is the special distributor of well-known foreign brands of surveying and mapping instruments such as Japan's Topcon, Switzerland's Leica, Japan's Pentax, Japan's Nikon, etc. in Sichuan; Suzhou Yiguang, Beijing Bofei, Kelida, Changzhou Dadi and other domestic well-known brand instruments are Sichuan agents business.



Contact Person:Yang Zeng

Email: 26913506@qq.com  sczydxch@gmail.com

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