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With Global talents, DiDi Builds an Iron Rampart of Data SecurityWith Global talents, DiDi Builds an Iron Rampart of Data Security

09-10 DiDi Information Technology Company

Global network poses a challenge to data security. From the early incidents of indecent photos leaks, to the later Prism Doors and the now heard data leak scandals, we can see how serious the situation is! Recent authoritative reports indicate that at least more than 3 billion people are threatened by data leaks in the world, which also indicates a data security market with a value far exceeding hundreds of billions.

As a brand-new encrypted chat software based on technology community, DiDimessage (DiDi) is developed by global technical experts, aiming at protect users data with the latest technologies.

Algorithm is the core of encryption technology. DiDi uses an asymmetric encryption algorithm. The basic principles include the classic 2048-bit RSA encryption algorithm and the Diffie-Hellman key core. The information encrypted by the public key must be decrypted by the user’s private key to ensure maximum information It will be leaked, and it can also provide the function of digital signature, so that electronic documents can get the effect of signing a paper document.

Based on this theory, DiDi’s global R&D team will also combine the latest developments in cryptography to constantly update the encryption algorithm to block possible leaks and ensure that user data is at a very high level of security.

On the basis of the algorithm, DiDi also uses end-to-end (E2E) encryption: the key used for encryption and decryption is truly controlled by the user, leaving no trace on the server! Self-destruct messages is supported, and forwarding is not allowed.

The most important thing is that the content of the secret chat will never be uploaded to the server and can only be accessed on its original device! Keeping the information in your own hands will eliminate the risk of loss of confidentiality to the greatest extent, and you no longer have to worry about leaking private chat content.

Although accessing only on the original device is helpful for data security, DiDi also provides a corresponding solution for scenarios that require access to chat content on other devices: as long as you have the key, you can access the encrypted information stored on the server, which helps to achieve the unity of safety and convenience.

It is because of the above-mentioned series of encryption functions that DiDi can effectively protect the security of user data. Even if other parts of the security infrastructure are compromised (for example, the device is lost or untrusted code is running), the system can still protect personal and corporate information at all times, and there is a way to immediately check the information when the device is stolen or lost. Complete remote wipe.

We firmly believe that, with a series of high-tech Iron Rampart, DiDi will definitely be able to provide the most reliable information security solutions, bringing safety-first experience to users around the world.

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