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Tea π Fruity Tea Drinking——Nongfu Spring leads a new taste attitude


With the upgrading of consumption, consumers pay more attention to the healthy diet. The first generation of tea drinks are mixed with powder and without milk or tea. Since 2016, the rise of "new Chinese style tea" has led to the spread of China's main tea consumers from "mainly middle-aged and elderly men" to various groups of people. It has more potential consumers and strong growth momentum. Tea π deepens the needs of young people and advocates youth and diversification. It is more dynamic, and closes the distance with the generation after 00s and the generation after 95s.

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China's tea beverage industry is now highly mature, and the market is gradually stepping into the "Red Sea". At the same time, consumers are also changing rapidly. Under the Internet environment, the generation after 95s has become the main force of tea beverage consumption. With fashionable and diverse lifestyle, they have higher consumption demand for tea drinks. Nongfu Spring’s tea π caters to their flavor and provides "right taste" products.

Nongfu Spring Tea π, which is unique in the market, has captured a large number of consumers with its refreshing and pleasant taste and fantastic comic packaging. In order to meet young people's attitude of pursuing self-identity and not willing to be labeled, it once chose Wu Yifan as the poster of Tea π. In the view of Nongfu Spring, G-Dragon is a suitable poster of Tea π.  It is difficult to find a more suitable poster than him because his attitudes to life is extremely consistent with the brand concept of tea π. Therefore, tea π has been upgraded in packaging image and other aspects, and has been closely focused on the π of Tea π.

With the attitude of self-style, Nongfu Spring formed a product matrix and continued to consolidate the huge advantage in the field of fruit flavored tea drinks. Nongfu Spring not only greatly increased its competition barriers in drinks, but also made this unique product in the market form a matrix effect. In the red sea market of tea drinks, Nongfu Spring seized the fruit flavored tea beverage in a strong and fast manner, creating a blue ocean space exclusively for Nongfu Spring.

In fact, Tea π quickly opened the consumer market with its unique product attributes, and it became a popular product. Of course, with the upgrading of consumers and the market, Nongfu Spring Tea π also accelerates the pace of product upgrading, consolidates its leading position in the field of fruit tea beverage segmentation. It is not difficult to see that Nongfu Spring has consolidated its market position once again. In the future, Nongfu Spring Tea π will continue adhereing to the concept of "self-style", magnifying the young attribute of Tea π and creating infinite possibility!

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