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Motor Housing For Automobile, High Quality Durable


Auto parts processing refers to the units that constitute the whole auto parts processing and the products that serve the auto parts processing. It includes engine accessories, transmission system accessories, braking system accessories, steering system accessories, steering system accessories, automobile lamps, security, automobile exterior decoration, comprehensive accessories, body and accessories, maintenance equipment, and electric tools.


The automobile is an indispensable means of transportation in life, and the safety of the automobile itself can directly affect the personal safety of individuals and others. The automobile motor shell is an important accessory to protect the automobile motor. The common aluminum profile automobile motor shell types are divided into: open drip proof type, fully enclosed fan cooling type, fully enclosed and non ventilated type. There are several specific types of aluminum profile automobile motor housings on the market, which can be divided into two basic types, namely "completely closed" and "open.


Chengdu xinghongchuan Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. was established on november29,2004. The company is located at No. 15, building 2, plant, No. 367, Beijing Road, Chengdu Economic and Technological Development Zone, Sichuan. The company is an enterprise that produces spare parts and hardware accessories. The company has high-quality products and professional sales and technical team. If you are interested in our products and services, you can consult us online.


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