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Empowering a Smarter and Greener Home: Midea Unveils MHELIOS New Product at Solar Solutions Amsterdam 2024


As a principal sponsor of Solar Solutions Amsterdam 2024, Midea, a renowned global provider of home appliances and HVAC solutions, unveils its pioneering smart energy management solution, MHELIOS. This system represents a pivotal advancement in home energy management, in accordance with European quality benchmarks and renewable energy directives, amidst prevailing trends including climate change concerns, energy preservation and force majeure in energy issues.


At Solar Solutions Amsterdam 2024, attendees immerse themselves in the firsthand exploration of MHELIOS's capabilities, witnessing its practical applications in the Outdoor Area and Storage Seminar. Moreover, the event's Innovation Boulevard serves as a platform to unveil avant-garde solutions, prominently featuring the MHELIOS M1-S hybrid inverter+ Breezeless E. This spotlight on integrated product solutions underscores Midea's commitment to holistic approaches in energy management and sustainability initiatives.

As the world transitions towards a cleaner and greener future, the development and adoption of innovative ESS and HVAC solutions will be pivotal in creating more sustainable built environments and combating climate change. Midea MHELIOS represents a paradigm shift in home energy management. Dr. Howard Jiang, the RESS R&D director of Midea, emphasized Midea's commitment to high efficiency across its products, surpassing European quality standards and aligning with evolving policies on renewable energy and energy efficiency. Seamlessly integrating with high-efficiency heating and cooling systems, MHELIOS sets new standards for efficiency and reliability.

Midea's MHELIOS Energy Management System offers a comprehensive solution designed to enhance energy efficiency and meet various household needs. Dooriya Wu, Regional Director of Midea MHELIOS, introduced the system, highlighting its versatility and compatibility with various home appliances. Amidst the global push for energy efficiency and sustainability, MHELIOS enables seamless integration with different components of the home energy ecosystem. Coupled with innovative features like cloud algorithms, MHELIOS optimizes energy consumption while ensuring safe and reliable management. This holistic approach underscores Midea's commitment to providing sustainable energy solutions for modern homes.

Looking ahead, Howard Jiang, the RESS R&D director of Midea, expressed optimism about Midea's growth prospects in Europe, highlighting the company's focus on providing affordable yet top-quality products through collaboration with local partners. Midea remains committed to innovation and sustainability, with plans to participate in Solar & Storage Live London 2024, hosted by Terrapinn. This event, scheduled for April 29-30, offers a platform to explore innovative technologies and connect with industry experts driving the transition to greener and smarter energy systems.

For more information about Midea and its MHELIOS Energy Management System, please contact:

Company Name: Midea

Contact Person: Lorca Wei

Email: weihf32@midea.com

State: Guangdong

Country: China

Website: https://www.midea.com/global

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