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Changzhi Tools EZ-300 Rechargeable Hydraulic Pliers


Lithium battery hydraulic pliers
Hydraulic pliers are professional hydraulic tools used for crimping cables in power engineering.

Before use, first check the position of hydraulic pliers and crimping dies:
1. Before using the hydraulic pliers, first install the hydraulic pliers into the mold, and then apply pressure after confirming that they are completely installed.
2. Check whether the special hydraulic equipment for cable crimping can work normally, and ensure that the hydraulic equipment is clean. If the equipment is not clean, first clean the hydraulic equipment to remove oil and other dirt from the equipment. The piston and clamp head part should be cleaned with a high-pressure air pump to prevent the piston from being unable to come out of the hydraulic clamp, resulting in insufficient pressure.

After the inspection, we will learn how to use the hydraulic pliers properly:
1. Put the open copper-aluminum nose of the clamp type into the two grooves of the corresponding mold, and then directly close the hydraulic clamp. Insert the pin of the hydraulic pliers into the hydraulic pliers. The nose and mold must match exactly. If it doesn't match, the pin cannot be inserted even if the nose is inserted. Even if the fitting is inserted, there will be a lot of clearance loose. This is due to the inconsistency between the hydraulic tongs and the mold specifications. Molds that meet specifications need to be replaced immediately.
2. After the nose corresponds to the mold, push the handle on the upper clamp head into the buckle position. After the installation is successful, press the switch, and the piston will be automatically ejected. If there is a problem with the hydraulic clamp, the piston will not automatically eject.
3. After the crimping is completed, please open the upper handle of the hydraulic pliers to successfully take out the connected cables and copper-aluminum noses.

Lithium battery cable cutter
1.Connect the plug connection between the power transformer and the cable cutter before use ).
2.Every time you start working, put a drop of oil on the intersection of the cutting edge and the cutting edge, let the cable cutter be unloaded for one minute, and then wipe clean the oil before using it, which will prolong the service life of the electric scissors.
3.Plug the power plug into (100V-240V) AC power (Note: the cable scissors use the output DC9V safe voltage).
4.Hold the handle position of the electric scissors, and the cutting edge of the cutter head is aligned with the cable to be cut.

Chengdu Huanhu Electric Power Equipment Co., Ltd. is a professional company in the hydraulic field integrating logistics, production, research and development and technical services. The product range is extremely broad and penetrates into various application fields, such as power maintenance, manufacturing, construction, energy, petrochemical, shipbuilding, railway, mining, etc. Therefore, we can provide customers with a comfortable experience of "one-stop purchasing".
Our advantages are not only reflected in our huge product categories, but also in our strict quality management. The company specializes in the field of hydraulics, has accumulated a lot of experience in hydraulic technology, has professional sales engineers and technicians, has passed the ISO quality management system certification, and strictly controls the quality to ensure that every product has undergone rigorous testing. .
Our goal is to support our customers, simplify their work, increase their efficiency, and achieve optimal results in the shortest possible time. To this end, we will make unremitting efforts. Strive to provide customers with more and more valuable solutions.
Over the years, the company has carried out trade cooperation with domestic and foreign customers on the principle of mutual benefit and win-win. Now it has become a qualified supplier of many well-known large-scale enterprises at home and abroad. The company's "Huanhu" brand has an excellent reputation in the industry, with constant praise, and its sales network covers the whole country. corporate image.
Facing the rapidly developing hydraulic tool industry, Huanhu will carry forward the spirit of "advance with the times and pursue excellence", rely on high-quality product quality, perfect service system, develop and develop with market-oriented and diversified business philosophy, and create For a more brilliant tomorrow, please look forward to businessmen from all walks of life. We look forward to your cooperation and support, and have the opportunity to provide you with high-quality services.
We will only provide you with the best products.
very broad product range
very competitive price
Professional sales and technical team prompt customer service
Ability to provide you with special custom hydraulic tools.

Advanced production equipment, strong technical force and well-trained staff enable us to provide first-class products to the market.We have a complete set of production equipment and technology development
Ability, assembly line production, and all kinds of manual electric hydraulic tools produced are in a leading position in the same industry.Huanhu invested a lot of money to purchase several CNC machining centers representing the highest level of technological development. Capable of producing very complex and critical components accurately and efficiently, ensuring zero failure rates.We are wholeheartedly committed to using the best machinery and equipment to manufacture the highest quality products to ensure that our products can meet the most stringent quality requirements, while maintaining a price advantage in the hydraulic tool market.


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