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Axle Sleeve


The shaft sleeve is a cylindrical mechanical part that is sleeved on the rotating shaft and is an integral part of the sliding bearing. Generally speaking, the bushing and the bearing seat adopt an interference fit, and the shaft adopts a clearance fit. The shaft sleeve is an integral structure, and the relative movement between the shaft and the shaft sleeve when rotating.

The bushing generally acts as a sliding bearing. In order to save material, the wall thickness of the sleeve is designed according to the axial load required by the bearing. Generally, cast copper and bearing alloy materials are used. The shaft sleeve is divided into open and non-opened, which depends on the needs of the structure. Generally, the bushing cannot bear axial load, or can only bear small axial load. Or add thrust bearing. The shaft is generally round.

The shaft sleeve is used to replace the rolling bearing in some places with low speed, high radial load and high clearance requirements (such as camshaft) (in fact, the shaft sleeve is also a kind of sliding bearing), the material requires low hardness and wear resistance, and the shaft The inner hole of the sleeve is ground and scraped to achieve high matching accuracy. There must be a lubricating oil groove on the inner wall. The lubrication of the sleeve is very important. If it is dry ground, the shaft and the sleeve will be scrapped quickly. It is recommended to scrape during installation. The inner hole wall of the bushing can leave many small pits and enhance lubrication.

The material has comprehensive mechanical properties, excellent adhesion and temperature and corrosion resistance unmatched by traditional methods. The maximum compressive strength can reach 1200kg/cm2. kg/cm2. Therefore, it can be used for the repair of worn parts of large shaft sleeves. And the equipment does not need to be disassembled in a large range, saving a lot of manpower and material resources for the enterprise.


Chengdu Xinangshi Precision Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is located at No. 249, Binqing Road, South District, Modern Industrial Port, Pidu District, Chengdu.
The company has 26 employees, including 3 mechanical design engineers, 1 electrical engineer, 2 machining center process programmers, and 2 quality engineers.
The company's workshop area is more than 1,000 square meters, with sheet metal equipment (shearing machine, bending machine, argon arc welding, second welding, etc.); precision machining equipment (vertical machining center, drilling center, CNC lathe, etc.); electric Processing equipment (fast wire cutting, medium wire cutting, slow wire cutting, EDM, etc.); inspection equipment (projector, altimeter, etc.).
The company is mainly engaged in the design and production of injection molding machine manipulator fixtures; the design and production of equipment accessories around the connector terminal stamping and electroplating production environment; the design, production, installation and debugging of other non-standard equipment; at the same time, it undertakes the processing of precision mechanical parts, ( Microwave plug-in assembly, instrumentation parts, high-voltage capacitor parts processing) and sheet metal welding parts.



Huang Tao




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