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3N Eyecare's ReO2 RGP Contact Lens Cleaner Revolutionizes RGP Lens Care, Featured in Prestigious ELSEVIER Journal



3N Eyecare, a pioneer in eye care technology, proudly announces the feature of its groundbreaking product in a recent ELSEVIER journal article. The study, titled The efficacy of a device-based approach to microorganism disinfection and protein removal for orthokeratology lenses in varied clinical circumstances, showcases the effectiveness of 3N's device in transforming orthokeratology lenses and rigid gas permeable (RGP) lens care.

A Milestone in Eye Care Research and Innovation

Published in the esteemed ELSEVIER journal, the article illuminates the significant advancements 3N's device brings to eye care. It underscores the device's role in pioneering RGP lens care, underlining its utility and meaningful contribution to the field of eye health. In summary, this multicenter real-world study confirms that 3N’s device “has superior disinfection, sterilization, and protein removal effects compared to traditional solution-based care methods.”

ReO2 RGP: The Core of Advanced RGP Lens Care

Following the success of the ReO2 Gen 6, an FDA 510k-approved soft contact lens cleaner, 3N has recently released the ReO2 RGP Contact Lens Cleaner. This device employs a unique, device-based approach to enhance the hygiene of RGP and orthokeratology lenses. Its patented technology meets the critical need for effective and user-friendly lens maintenance, making the ReO2 RGP an essential tool for RGP lens users, freeing them from complex manual lens care routines.

Revolutionizing RGP Lens Cleaning with Electrophoresis Technology

The ReO2 RGP distinguishes itself with its patented electrophoresis technology, delivering an unprecedented level of cleanliness. It effectively removes up to 95% of protein deposits and eliminates up to 99.999% of bacteria, significantly reducing risks associated with lens wear, such as microbial keratitis and eye irritations.

Simple, Safe, and Superior RGP Lens Care

In the trial, compared to the control group using conventional care methods, 3N's device "eliminates the need for manual soaking and rubbing." Designed for ease of use, the ReO2 RGP revolutionizes the daily routine of RGP lens wearers. Its user-friendly design and quick cleaning process ensure that maintaining lens hygiene is simple and efficient, requiring only a 0.9% NaCl solution and less manual efforts. This innovative approach not only elevates hygiene standards but also enhances wearer comfort and eye health.

A New Era in Eye Care

“At 3N Eyecare, our mission is to innovate for better eye health,” says Dr. Sun, spokesperson for 3N Eyecare. “We are dedicated to continuing our research and development to provide effective solutions for our customers. With the ReO2 RGP, we introduce a revolutionary change in the care of RGP lenses, ensuring cleaner, healthier, and more comfortable lens-wearing experiences.”

For more information about the ReO2 RGP Contact Lens Cleaner and its revolutionary technology, please visit www.3neyecare.com or contact:

Company:3N Medical Technology Co.,Limited

Contact Person: Alice ZHAO

Email: hello@3neyecare.com

Website: www.3neyecare.com

Telephone: +1 260 638 0777

City:Hong Kong

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